Grade 1


Pamela Raposo

"We want all of the kids to have an educational experience full of happiness and fun!"

Teaching Values

It is a joy to help others recognize the value of knowing another language and culture, and it is exciting

seeing students learn to express themselves in a new language.
I hope that through my teaching students will be able to use their language skills in their future jobs and their travel experiences.

Learn And Play

Our Program of Study consists of teaching Portuguese as a Second Language and as a Heritage Language. We use differentiated teaching/learning in our classrooms. Students develop their listening, writing, and speaking skills.


Students will learn:

  • Greetings

  • How to introduce themselves

  • Talk about themselves

  • How to say goodbye,

  • Understand instructions

  • Ask and give information

  • Put objects and people into perspective

Key Learnings

  • Personal Pronouns

  • Singular and Plural

  • Present tense

  • Interrogative pronouns

  • Adjectives

  • Some Prepositions