Grade 2


Pamela Raposo

"I love to teach my mother language to our next generation. They are our future."

Teaching Values

I love to teach Portuguese because it is my mother language. It is interesting and fun to teach children Portuguese as second language. After a long day at English School, they still smile, play, learn and use the Portuguese language as form of communication at home, on the way to school and in social activities.


I love to teach the children. They are tomorrow’s future.They will be the ones that will continue to keep and expand the culture and the Portuguese Language.

Learn And Play

Our Program of Study consists of teaching Portuguese as a Second Language and as a Heritage Language. We use differentiated teaching/learning in our classrooms. Students develop their listening, writing, and speaking skills.


Students will learn:

  • Back to School vocabulary

  • Classroom vocabulary

  • Verb ‘to be’

  • Portuguese phonological sounds (nh, lh, ch)

  • Talk about the weather

  • Articles and nouns

  • Introduction to gender

Key Learnings

  • Introduction to irregular verbs

  • Gender

  • Articles

  • Nouns and Adjectives

  • Numbers

  • Portuguese Culture