Grade 4/5

Marc Leal

"It is mainly about connecting/engaging the students with our culture."

Teaching Values

Teaching is a great pleasure. Language is the vehicle of culture. It is important to promote the learning of language because it brings many benefits to a student's future.


They can acquire new understandings, meet other people, relate to and collaborate with others in the building of a better future.

Our Program of Study consists of teaching Portuguese as a Second Language and as a Heritage Language. We use differentiated teaching/learning in our classrooms. Students develop their listening, writing, and speaking skills.

Grade 4

Learn And Play

Students will learn:

  • Summer vacation vocabulary

  • How/when to capitalize words in Portuguese

  • Syllables

  • How to use the verb ‘to be’

  • Portugal and its geography

  • Noun Agreement

  • Etymology of words

Key Learnings

  • Noun Agreement

  • Adjective Agreement

  • Interrogative pronouns

  • Understand the differences in capitalization

  • Sentence structure

  • Portuguese Culture

Grade 5

Learn And Play

Students will learn:

  • Present Tense of Regular Verbs

  • Reading and Comprehension

  • Gender and Number agreement for Nouns and Adjectives

  • Introduction of some of the most commonly used irregular verbs

  • Past Tense of Regular verbs

  • Future Tense of Regular verbs

  • Students will work on lots of different projects

Key Learnings

  • Noun Agreement

  • Adjective Agreement

  • Rules for Number and Gender

  • Verbs of the Indicative mood

  • Sentence structure

  • Portuguese Culture

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