Grade 6

Maria Cardoso

"Language is extremely important, it shapes who we are and it opens new opportunities in life. 
I am proud to be Portuguese and teaching others about our language and culture is key. "

Teaching Values

I want to teach because I believe it is very important to teach kids the Portuguese language and culture so that later on they can follow our traditions.


I am very blessed to be able to teach our young Portuguese community of Edmonton the language, history and traditions of Portugal, as they are the bearers of Portuguese language and the future of tomorrow.

Learn And Play

Our Program of Study consists of teaching Portuguese as a Second Language and as a Heritage Language. We use differentiated teaching/learning in our classrooms. Students develop their listening, writing, and speaking skills.


Students will learn:

  • Revision of the Past, Present, and Future Tenses

  • Reading and Comprehension

  • Agreement

  • Irregular Verbs

  • Students will be introduced with different types of writing (emails, essay, letters, etc.)

Key Learnings

  • Develop different types of writing

  • Revision of gender and Number Agreement

  • Revision of the Indicative mood

  • Portuguese Culture