Students must be 4 years old by August 31, 2020 and potty trained to register in Portuguese pre-school at Gil Vicente

Students from PreK1 and PreK2 learn Portuguese in a play-based environment and develop their daily communication skills and fine motor skills. The basic concepts of Portuguese language, such as the alphabet and its sounds are introduced in kindergarten to develop their language awareness. 

Liliana Alfredo

"We want all of the kids to have an educational experience full of happiness and fun!"

Teaching Values

To have an educational experience full of happiness and fun!

Learn And Play
Our mission is to teach the key concepts through games, creating a fun learning environment.


Our Program of Study consists of learning the following:

  • Learn how to say “my name is ...”

  • Express ideas and feelings (“I feel sad”; “I feel happy”; “I’m hungry”)

  • Learn to interact (play with toys and share)

  • Friendship,

  • Coloring pictures

  • Tracing letters and numbers

  • Free drawing

Key Learnings

  • Coloring

  • Drawing

  • Tracing

  • Singing

  • Story Telling

  • Play with Toys