Gil Vicente School Staff

Meet our fantastic teachers. They all bring in something different. Together they make Gil Vicente Portuguese School a great place for the kids to come and learn Portuguese.

I enjoy teaching at the Portuguese school because I feel that it is important to continue with our language and culture. I enjoy sharing my love and passion about the Portuguese language and culture.


~Gina Barata, Principal


Liliana Alfredo


Grade 4 & 5


Marc Leal

"It is mainly about connecting/engaging the students with our culture."



Pamela Raposo

"We want all of the kids to have an educational experience full of happiness and fun!"

Grade 1


Cristina Gomes

"I love teaching because It is a joy to help others recognize the value of knowing another language and culture."

Grade 2


Bárbara Correia

"I love to teach my mother language to our next generation. They are our future."

Grade 3


Fátima Silva

"I am extremely proud to be part of this school, this community, this group of friends."

Grade 6 & Portuguese 15

Maria Cardoso

Language is extremely important, it shapes who we are and it opens new opportunities in life. 

Portuguese 25 & 35

Edith Thomas

"Having been a student myself, it is double the honour to share the passion and connect with the next generation!" "

Adult Classes


Gina Barata

"I enjoy sharing my love and passion about the Portuguese language and culture"

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